New Feature: Browse by Company Sector

Office Snapshots has somewhere around 700 offices in its archive and can be a bit overwhelming to browse through. So I’ve been spending the last few months trying to figure out how to make it as useful as possible -and one of those ideas was to separate the offices by company sector for easier browsing.

Do categories usually count as a new feature? Probably not… But I just spent a ton of hours categorizing every post on the site – so to me it counts as a new feature.

Some sectors have hundreds of offices while others only have a few – and I tried to group when it made sense. That said, some companies that were hard to categories were just arbitrarily grouped. I also removed the sidebar advertising from these pages to put more information in a single view to make the browsing experience better. Hoping it is enjoyable for you all.

The sectors can be found by hovering over “Browse” above and then selecting the sector you’re interested in. For those of you reading via RSS, here they are: