A Refreshed Site Design

I had been thinking about refreshing the look and feel of the site over the last few weeks and finally went for it. The idea was to make the site less ‘bloggy’ and more elegant – with a heavier emphasis on the photos.

For those of you that have been reading from the beginning, I think the site has come a long way from what you see below. While the colors, size, and gallery systems have changed, I’ve been pretty deliberate about keeping the site fairly clean looking.

Remember this?

I absolutely hate multi-page galleries, so those don’t exist here. I also hate when blogs are distracting. Sometimes, ‘design’ sites have neat looking designs, but they suck for actually reading articles. I think the new look maintains focus on the content.

…and please let me know if you track down any goofy errors on this new design as I’m still fixing some small style issues.

There are a bunch of cool offices coming as well. Thanks for reading!