Say Hello to Environmental Graphic Design Photo Collections

Office Snapshots added the ability to browse tagged photos using the popular Pinterest-style earlier this year. The first set of photo collections focused on the Room Type displayed. Some of the more popular collections thus far have been Open Offices, Breakout Spaces, Brainstorm rooms, and Reception Areas.

Now that the photo collections system in place, my goal is to keep tagging and adding collections that our readers can use to hunt trends and be inspired.

Environmental Graphic Design

The next set of collections moves beyond the plan or structure of office designs and begins to categorize some of the elements that make up the atmosphere of the space. This is an important discipline within the grand scope of office design, and deals particularly with the way people interact with a space.  I found this PDF presentation to be particularly useful in wrapping my mind around it.

Included in this next set of collections are:

One area not included (but coming at some point) are Installations or Art Features. Because there are such a wide variety of artistic items in modern offices whether they be framed art, 3D sculpture, light art, or culture walls – it is going to take me a bit of time to figure out a proper category.

Which Collections are next?

The first item on my agenda is to finish tagging Room Types in offices prior to 2013. After that I’m not so sure – does anyone have a suggestion on what they’d like to see?