e-Novia Offices – Milan

  • Client e-Novia,
  • size 10,763 sqft
  • Year 2016
  • Location Milan, Italy,
  • Industry Technology,
  • Il Prisma Milano srl designed the offices for technology company e-Novia located in Milan, Italy.

    E-Novia is dynamism, fluidity, experimentation but especially innovation. The new hub settled inside Dompé ex-pharmaeutical factory, in Milan, represents the begging of a bigger project that aims for collecting young innovator companies.

    The challenge for Il Prisma has been to design a space to host different startups, each one with its own soul, and join for realizing something unique in the technologically advanced marketplace.

    From the first meeting between Il Prisma and e-Novia it was clear that the join point was the innovation. With a different approach made up of the participatory design, observation, listening led us to analyze the client’s needs combining our methodology, Redefine Your Habits, with the willingness to go beyond.

    Decisive lines determine the project and at the same time, circular shapes draw the paths, like an idea conceived, materialized and developed.

    Many spaces are dedicated to the work settings, relax zones, socialisation and collaboration areas for the contamination among the startups. The heart of the office is the common space formed by a glass courtyard, where the break area orbits divided by three zones: the library, the living room for informal meeting and the innovation boot camp, the place where ideas become prototypes. All these areas are dedicated to the employees well-being and are functional for sharing idea, information and learning.

    Light woods, concrete texture, shades of grey and the use of colors characterize the chromatic palette. The lighting project has been distinguished to emphasize differ work settings.

    Beyond the design concept Il Prisma realized the project providing for the spaces requalification through structural and plant design operations.

    The result determined new offices for giving more space to the ideas that move the world. Ideas to embrace, blend, contaminate in an open and neutral space where new solutions for tomorrow come alive.

    DesignerIl Prisma Milano srl
    Photography: courtesy of Il Prisma