Avast Offices – Prague

  • Client Avast Software,
  • size 137,778 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Prague, Czech Republic,
  • Industry Hardware / Software Development,
  • CAPEXUS redesigned the expansive Avast offices with improved functionality and flexibility for a hybrid model in Prague, Czech Republic.

    Avast, a global leader in digital security and privacy, is opening its remodeled offices in Prague, the Czech Republic. The Prague offices have been closed since March 2020 as a measure against the growing pandemic of COVID-19. The company has used that time to adapt the space to better suit the new hybrid working model introduced in January this year. The aim of the seven-month redevelopment led by CAPEXUS was to offer employees flexible and welcoming spaces for focused activity, team collaboration, idea generation and innovation, while supporting meetings.

    The newly rebuilt 12,800-square-foot workplace in the Enterprise building serves about six hundred employees who have chosen to work in the office and about three hundred who have preferred a hybrid “work from anywhere” model. On six floors, a total of 24 meeting rooms – 14 formal and 10 informal – as well as eight soundproof “microoffices” have been added. There are also 10 silent zones for staff and teams who need to work in quiet environment. Rooms for yoga, massage, and educational activities for children were also created, and an extension of the children’s corner was added to include a place for babies.

    The seventh floor, which used to be the canteen and breakout area, has been transformed into a multifunctional space where employees can prepare their own food, and meet up. There is also a kitchenette on each floor, where a selection of sandwiches, sweet pastries, yoghurt and fruit are available free of charge, in addition to hot and cold drinks.

    Avast currently employs nearly 2,000 people in 12 locations around the world. The offices in Brno and London are due for further office refurbishments.

    Design: CAPEXUS
    Photography: Prokop Laicther