The Best of NeoCon 2016 We Missed

NeoCon 2016 has come and gone ending several weeks ago. While you may have already read through our Best of NeoCon 2016 list, it is important to note that the products on it were only ones which we had the opportunity to see in person.

Because there is basically 0% chance to see everything at NeoCon, it seemed worthwhile to sift through the press releases and media kits to come up with an additional listing of products which we wish we have been able to see.

NeoCon 2016 themes to keep in mind as you consider how the following products might fit into your next office design project:

Workplace Versatility – Offices which consist of desks and conference rooms are basically dead. Spend any time is just about every showroom and you’re bound to see a tapestry of different types of work spaces that can be used in a multitude of ways.

Workplace Privacy – Privacy made a big splash last year and has continued to be something companies are trying to include in their versatile office approaches. High-backed sofas, phone booths, private cubby desks, partitions, and acoustical treatments are all bringing improved privacy to the office.

Workplace Domesticity – Rather than sticking with traditional workplace designs and styles, it seems that the styles and atmosphere of the home have begun to be woven into the office. Whether this because workers are spending extra time in the office and want something that reminds them of home or just because people enjoy feeling comfortable while at work, many showrooms have brought a more delicate touch to the office.


Teknion – Zones

“With choice as a core concept, Zones serves an office landscape informed by varied levels of activity and several degrees of privacy or community—a workplace in which each day is a mix of work, learning and social experiences.  It addresses a scenario in which co-existing work modes play out across a field of fluid and overlapping work areas that exist “in between” the less flexible geometry of private offices, formal conference rooms and high-density workstations.”


Arper – Parentesit Wall Panel

Parentesit is a collection of decorative modular wall panels that offers comfort for contemporary shared spaces. The bold, graphic forms are available in three shapes — a circle, a square or an oval — that can be further customized with the addition of a speaker or ambient light, to create a visual element that is as functional as it is modern. The collection is now complemented by the Freestanding version, a modular stand alone system for concentration or quiet conversation in shared workspaces or collaborative environments.”


Nienkamper – Nomad Table

“Designed in conjunction with Nomad® Interactive Workspace Nomad® conference tables feature sleek, linear lines in a fresh contemporary format. Nomad tables complement any space with fine lines and a refined aesthetic. From conference tables for formal meeting areas to informal settings. Nomad is available with the same connectivity that is the hallmark of Nienkamper tables. ”


turnstone – Bivi Dual Height

“The Bivi dual height table supports startup culture by promoting agility and giving workers greater choice and control in the office. Standing height surfaces deliver height equality for face-to-face interactions and quick meetings, while seated surfaces aid focus, sending the message that work is happening. Privacy and modesty in-fills provide definition to open spaces and protect sight lines.”


Allermuir – Silta Tables

Silta is a premium high table for breakout spaces, adhoc meetings or a place to simply perch and connect. Modern meets vintage with industrial design featured right alongside a modern aesthetic with convenient additions such as bag hooks.

The top can be finished in either a linoleum or marble effect finish, complemented by braided and leather cable detailing with metalwork in a choice of colors.”


Okamura – repiroue

“It is no secret that changing our posture throughout the day is essential to our wellbeing in the office. What’s more, adapting a posture that is appropriate for the task at hand helps relieve stress placed upon the body. Okamura recommends five postures for increased office productivity and efficiency. Among them is the perching posture, a perfect combination of standing and sitting, which is suitable for a standing meeting or a touchdown. Our perching stool, repiroue was brought to life with the intention of making the perching posture more accessible in the office environment.”


Coalesse – Potrero415 Conference Table

Potrero415 is that point — a refreshing antidote to the traditional conference-room table, inspired by “third places” like cafes and dining rooms. Inviting and familiar, Potrero415 supports all the ways you work: inside or outside a meeting room, sitting or standing, for long sessions or short bursts of creative energy. Create inspiring settings — from open-plan casual to conference-room formal — with a wide variety of materials, shapes, and sizes. Discreet technology and power options accommodate work tools. And thanks to its patented, cleverly engineered framework and leg system, Potrero415 can be sized for any organization or application. Welcoming. Relevant. Refined. A better way to work together.”


HBF – Conexus Lounge

“Filling the void between task and lounge, Conexus, designed by Michael Vanderbyl, provides a comfortable and modern seating solution for collaborative work environments and traditional lounge settings. ”


Geiger – Rhythm

“The needs of offices are as varied as the people who occupy them. That’s why Vienna-based firm EOOS designed Geiger Rhythm to make the office feel personal. From the sliding wooden trays to the array of ceramic accessories, Geiger Rhythm allows the people who use a space—residents and guests alike—to configure it to meet their needs. Comprised of just a few components, the system of wood casegoods and accessories covers a broad visual and functional range, so it works well in executive offices, shared offices, and administrative areas alike.”