NeoCon 2012: OFS

OFS launched several products at NeoCon which look to be generally focused on collaboration. Here are a couple offerings I’m excited about:

Eleven Media Table

What they say:

Eleven Media Table for presentations and videoconferencing in open spaces; universal monitor housing organizes data and power connections and eliminates clutter.

What I say:

There has definitely been a shift over the last few years toward collaborative work areas – and not just tables and chairs – but rather units that are fully ready for today’s technology. The Eleven Media Table is definitely an elegant solution toward that end.

Eleven Media Glass

What they say:

Eleven Media Glass (wall mount) transforms monitors and whiteboards into furniture that harmonizes with the space, rather than detracting from it. Media Glass features the input support and screen definition of leading edge monitors without sacrificing design.

What I say:

I want one for its usefulness and its design – I have no idea of what one costs but if you’re putting together an elegant space to share your portfolio with clients, you don’t want the cheapest Costco has to offer. I mean just look at it – its gorgeous.

More Products

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