NeoCon 2018 Preview: The Office Snapshots Guide

By Stephen Searer / June 4, 2018

NeoCon begins June 11th and we’re excited to be heading out to Chicago again to help celebrate NeoCon’s 50th year.

This is going to be the first time we have a team attending which we are pretty excited about as it means we’ll be able to cover more ground and do a little more than we have in the past.

One addition will be a bit of an increase in activity on Instagram Stories highlighting some of the new and interesting products we see or showrooms we visit. Following the show, we have also invited several architecture and design firms to have members of their teams share their own product and showroom highlights, noticeable trends, and general takeaways.

In terms of trends to look for this year, it feels like this years will be a continuation of past years in some ways, specifically that of making the office more comfortable and homelike and improving acoustics and privacy.

We’ve put together a quick guide of some of the new products being released from a variety of manufacturers that we hope will be helpful.

Have a great time at NeoCon 2018!


Framery 2Q

Framery 2Q

Framery joins NeoCon’s 50th edition celebration by launching its latest innovation in soundproof workspaces. Introducting 2Q – the “big brother” of the Framery fleet. 2Q is designed for 4-6 people. It’s the optimal space to co-create, brainstorm and have great meetings. Framery’s superior sound insulation system guarantees that your meetings won’t disturb the office – and the office noise won’t disturb you.

Framery O Video Conference Ready

Framery O Video Conference Ready

Framery will also be presenting a new option for the classic Framery O phone booth at NeoCon. Introducing Framery O Video Conference Ready, the optimal frame for video conferencing. The tilting screen bracket of O Video Conference Ready enables the attachment of various kinds of screens on the wall of the pod. You can fix a display or an all-in-one computer onto the screen bracket. The LED lighting surrounding the screen provides optimal lighting for video conferences. The control panel enables you to adjust the lighting and airflow.

Davis Furniture

Ginkgo Wire from Davis Furniture

Ginkgo Wire

New from Davis and designers Jehs+Laub is Ginkgo Wire. This new evolution of the Ginkgo family is an indoor/outdoor line constructed of solid steel rods. Surprisingly light in scale, this new twist on a classic piece is uniquely flexible while maintaining a distinctly sculptural aesthetic. Ginkgo Wire includes chairs, barstools, lounge seating, and tables.

Muse from Davis Furniture


Muse by Jehs+Laub is a soft and sculptural lounge chair that projects modern elegance. The stylish silhouette embraces the body, inviting you to relax into its form. This small-scale lounge piece is timeless and uniquely simple with flowing lines and soft surfaces. Available with three distinctive base options, Muse is a dynamic seating collection with a style to inspire any space.


SILQ from Steelcase


SILQ is a breakthrough in seating design. Through innovation in material science, Steelcase created a new material process emulating the qualities of carbon fiber, but at a mass market price. This new technology provides a level of flexibility that allows SILQ to intuitively respond to the movement of the human body, resulting in a chair that behaves more like an organism than a machine. It replaces the traditional chair mechanism and eliminates complex machinery.

De Vorm

Pod PET Felt Privacy Chair from De Vorm

Pod PET Felt Privacy Chair

A privacy chair for breakout areas in offices or residential projects. PET Felt has its own
characteristic aesthetic as well as sound dampening properties to increase the sensation of
privacy within large or crowded spaces. The Pod chair is designed to be customizable. From its shell, the cushions and the wooden frame – the options are there to make it blend in or stand out in any context.

Big Modular Table System from De Vorm

Big Modular Table System

The Big is a modular table system. Not only the length and width are adjustable but also the material and the finishing of the table top are completely customizable. The possibility of the integration of power outlets and USB/AV connection points with the frame functioning as a cable duct makes the Big ideal for offices, meeting rooms and public spaces.


MOD Lounge from HBF

MOD Lounge Collection

Designed by Swedish designer, Henrik Schulz, MOD is the ultimate collaborative seating solution. It looks to establish the new normal of today’s office — offering an elegant seating line of sofas, settees, chairs, benches, and ottomans with a modular sensibility. MOD’s sleek, metal legs are designed to seamlessly join with different seating parts, regardless of the angle or direction, and modular components allow for endless design and collaboration opportunities.

Kinzie Screen from HBF

Kinzie Screen

Kinzie screen offers a solution to workplace environments- a balance between privacy and collaboration with this industrial, modern screen. As workplaces evolve into more open, interactive spaces, the need for defined – yet mobile – elements is more apparent. Wooden interior slats provide a minimalistic visual barrier for open offices, instantly carving out privacy and prompting productivity in any environment. Blended hinges allow the screen to close for movement or open to a 120-degree angle.


WorkSmith from Arcadia


A collection of products designed to support the makerspace movement and its influence
across businesses, schools and healthcare facilities. Pieces work together or independently to
create a place where people with shared interests can gather to work on projects while sharing
ideas, equipment and knowledge.

Uptown Social from Arcadia

Uptown Social

Take up residence in Uptown Social, a full family of lounge and modular seating, benches and
tables that mingle clean minimalist lines with the luxe comforts of home. Lounge, love seat and
sofa models are offered in two arm widths, as well as armless, for addressing spatial
limitations or achieving the perfect look. And, corresponding chaise models add a roomy
bonus to the mix for truly stretching out in style.


Hado Lounge from Encore

Hado Lounge

Captivating, contemporary, comfortable – Hado is everything lounge furniture should be. This fully upholstered collection is defined by an elegant, curvilinear form with tapered wood legs that lend an organic aesthetic. Lounge chairs, love seats and sofa models all feature ample cushions and a softly arched back that offer lasting support for exceptional seated comfort.

Clipse Lounge w/ Wood Legs from Encore

Clipse Lounge

Clipse shines on with an appealing offering of lounge, love seat and sofa options that surpass expectations. Subtle details, including a tapered back, gently sloping arms and carefully positioned tailoring, weave their way throughout the collection, providing visual intrigue and incomparable comfort when waiting, collaborating or simply relaxing.

Herman Miller

Cosm from Herman Miller


Sit in Cosm and you just might forget you’re sitting in a chair at all. Its sophisticated, ergonomic design instantly responds to your body, movement, and posture to provide natural balance and total support. No matter who sat in the chair before you, how long you’ll be in it, or what you’ll be doing, Cosm gives you a new experience of comfort –anywhere you work.

Overlay from Herman Miller


Designed to transform an open floorplan, Overlay is a system of sub-architectural, movable walls intended to help you define your space. Use Overlay to create freestanding rooms, give shape to large open spaces, or simply divide one area from another. Because Overlay can take mere hours to relocate, your office could function as one space today and by tomorrow, serve a totally different purpose all without calling the contractor.


Fiji Lounge Chair from naughtone

Fiji Lounge Chair

Fiji is a luxurious lounge chair that plays to one of naughtone’s strengths; upholstery. Responding well to the increased demand for domestic feeling products with commercial applications, Fiji’s cocoon-esque appearance, compact footprint and secret swivel makes it ideal for a variety of individuals and a multitude of situations such as hotel lounges, lobbies and break out spaces. Fiji has a tailored outer shell and a contrasting soft and rooshed interior, that can be upholstered in almost any fabric.


Kiik from Arper


Kiik is created for the spaces between entry and departure, between waiting and doing. This modular collection of seating, tables, ottomans, and consoles creates moments for working, gathering, or relaxation in graphic forms with myriad configurations.

Kiik has been created to address the needs of waiting rooms, university lounges, workspaces, meeting areas, and mixed-use spaces. Its modular nature and material finish specification options make it a complementary addition to any context.

Dizzie Marble from Arper

Dizzie Marble

The Dizzie collection expands to include new white Italian marble tabletops. Sleek and sophisticated, the marble tabletops are available in a bar and side table size, with two height options for each version. A sumptuous finish to Dizzie’s organic silhouette for home, hospitality, and contract uses.


Bistro from OFS


Cafés and casual spaces have earned their spot in the front of buildings and are now the first place people experience your organization. A stunning, unique wraparound 3D veneer outer nestled into a finely upholstered inner back is an incredible way to say Welcome! Bistro now offers the warmth and beauty of wood through a collection of seating and occasional and standing height tables. Walnut, oak and beech choices present rich tones and modern naturals for a palette of design expressions.

Roo from OFS


Tapered, spun wood legs nestle into the cast aluminum hub which affords Roo tables the versatility and aesthetic range from minimal componentry. Roo derived from a design collaboration with Kansas State University students who identified a need for an occasional table collection to complement the growth of casual spaces in the workplace. Roo’s varied heights and shapes along with choices in creating tonal or contrasting finishes present both bespoke and quiet design iterations.

Global Furniture Group

Factor from Global Furniture Group


Our new Factor™ seating series recalculates the value equation for work chairs with an asymmetrical lumbar support, weight sensing synchro mechanism, fixed or adjustable arms and a spectrum of mesh colors. You just won’t believe the price.


Butterfly Collection from ICF

Butterfly Collection

A family of four chair types designed by Niels Gammelgaard for Magnus Olesen. Niels was the original designer for IKEA and is still designing products that are contemporary and relevant for today. All four chair styles share the innovative seat shell design that has built-in flex, resulting in a shape that resembles the wings of a butterfly.

Unika Vaev

SpeakSpace from Unika Vaev


SpeakSpace™️ is a collection of freestanding privacy pods and meeting rooms for today’s collaborative office. This product dampens outside noise and sound originating from within the meeting space. Its design targets mid to high range sound frequencies. Noise can be both audible and visual, SpeakSpace™️ solves both. Our product doesn’t feel closed in. Our products quietly fit into the environment by using materials that speak a common language with the finishes in the space.


fiXt from Kimball


Bringing a timeless style to the workplace where design and unparalleled quality meet, fiXt includes occasional tables, worktables and bookcases available in a range of sizes and heights. Bench or stool seating complete this classic collection with a perfect match of style and functionality. Mobility options make reconfigurability of any space effortless to support flexible landscapes.

Wilder from Kimball


Wilder brings a sense of warmth and sophistication to waiting places, while keeping the rigorous needs of healthcare facilities in mind. With soft rounded shapes and unique wood details, Wilder invites people to sit back and relax. The collection includes lounge, guest and bench solutions.

CoArt by dTank

CoArt by dTank


CoArt combines an effective acoustic solution with custom and ready-made art offering interiors seven different acoustical configurations from being mounted against a wall, hung from the ceiling, to a moveable freestanding option. With sleek, aluminum frame and suspension technology, the final product provides the exact look, feel, and functionality for any space. Key features include double-sided and interchangeable art fabric, dry-cleanable fabric up to 100 feet long, and turnkey installation.


Lox Chair from Coalesse

Lox Chair

For NeoCon 2018, Coalesse will introduce new options for the Lox chair designed by PearsonLloyd. The minimal and sculptural chair, which features a bucket back and padded interior, will be offered with a five-star polished aluminum swivel base with optional hard or soft casters. Lox’s polyamide shell will also comes in greige, a mid-tone neutral that blends with a variety of settings. Blending style with support, Lox is designed for social connection and creative collaboration.


Newson Aluminum Chair from Knoll

Newson Aluminum Chair

Honoring the cantilevered chairs of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the Newson Aluminum Chair by Marc Newson is a forward-looking expression that synthesizes simplicity, material and precision in the Modernist tradition. The radical design reflects Newson’s fanaticism for the space age, as well as his belief that, “design is about improving things and about looking to the future, pushing technology forward.” Defined by a single uninterrupted line, the Newson Aluminum Chair demonstrates industrial designer Marc Newson’s signature combination of organic forms and precision engineering. Echoing the futuristic vocabulary that characterizes his work, the side chair for Knoll marries hard and soft, solid and transparent, in a striking form that seems to levitate in space.

Ollo from Knoll


Designed by Glen Oliver Loew, Ollo is a light task chair to support improvisation and spontaneity across the office. Designed for the mobile, connected office, the Loew chair provides purposeful performance for workers as they move across a variety of settings in the workplace. With its modern form and intuitive movement, whether you’re just touching down or staying a while, the Loew chair supports you for whatever you’re taking on next.


Babil Serdiyar from Koleksiyon

Babil Serdiyar

Bearing traces of the historical texture of ancient Babylonia, Babil Serdiyar sofa bundles up its guests with its high back and provides the comfort of being alone. The detailing on the legs of the sofa can also be seen on the arms. With different colored pillows which support your posture, the sofa displays functionality.

Thorini Chair from Koleksiyon

Throni Chair

Thorini chair is inspired by the simple gestural change of raising a collar. From a formal buttoned down appearance to one of detached coolness. The openness of the chair allows one to announce their availability whereas the transformation to the raised collar denotes privacy. Conversely, grouping two closely arranged collar chairs creates a setting for a private meeting.


Flux from JSI


Whether designing for free-address mobility or assigned benching, open collaboration or private, heads-down work, Flux Open Plan brings order to the unrest. Designed by David Allan Pesso, Flux Open Plan is an extension of the Flux casegood line that adapts to the way you work with an extensive offering of height adjustability, smart storage, and modern materials.

Native from JSI


It’s human nature to want to be part of a community, a tribe. Native, designed by Qdesign, is a series of meeting tables and ancillary furniture that intuitively and naturally supports how groups meet. Whether a formal conference room or a casual gathering space, Native has you covered. Come find your tribe this NeoCon in the JSI showroom, space #3-111.


Reframe from Geiger


Reframe Lounge Furniture delivers comfort and a distinctive aesthetic to working lounge areas. Lounge chairs are built on a common base structure, with three back heights available: a mid-back designed to encourage conversation, a wing-back designed to be more closed and protective for greater focus, and a high-back designed as a functional blend of both. Used thoughtfully across an office landscape, Reframe Lounge Furniture can help activate a mix of collaborative and individual work settings.


Palisade from Nemschoff


Charles Eames said, “the role of the architect, or the designer, is that of a very good, thoughtful host, all of whose energy goes into trying to anticipate the needs of his guests.” Palisade embodies that principle through products for healthcare, public and waiting spaces. In hosting guests, it communicates care, comfort and it gives people of all ages and abilities choices for accommodation. With a unifying visual language, it gives interiors a cohesive look.


Tia from Watson


The Tia Collection seamlessly integrates adjustability, technology, and aesthetics from the private office to meeting spaces.

For early stage companies, consulting firms or law firms, Tia fits smartly and efficiently into smaller footprints. It is the ideal solution for managers who value clean lines and minimalist design. Using Tia Wardrobes for larger offices or a Tia Credenza with upper storage for smaller spaces, the collection fits the refined executive suite or the lighter scaled office.