Roundup: Post-COVID Workplace Products

By Stephen Searer / June 9, 2020

Well that escalated quickly.

After several long, tiresome, anxiety-ridden months of working from home many of us are returning to the new reality of a post-COVID workplace with a fresh set of questions.

What will remain the same? What will change permanently?

Those questions will not be answered immediately, but instead over several years of design, implementation, and iteration. In the short-term, many office furniture manufacturers have come up with post-COVID solutions to help get the workforce working in as safe a manner as possible.

Will some solutions seem ridiculous in several years once we learn more about effectively preventing the spread of infectious disease in the workplace? You bet they will.

We’ve done some web scouring to help you know what is available now to help you and your company get back to business.

Workplace, Office, and Desk Dividing Panels

I have a memory from my school days when during tests, the teacher would hand out two manila file folders to each student which prevented cheating when unfurled on the desk.

They were temporary and did the job – not unlike the many dividing panel solutions now available for the office…

Steelcase has a bunch of retrofit ideas involving panels and dividers for benching and desking.

Haworth offers a variety of desktop screens.


Architecture firm Kinzo has developed colorful and modular acrylic shields (pictured at top).

DeskMakers released their ReFit settings for space division and separation.

Allsteel has a variety of screen shapes and sizes.


Spacestor has added protective screening to match their existing Palisades line.

Peter Pepper offers a couple of transparent desk screens.

Groupe Lacasse has created a selection of distancing screen solutions and thought starters.

Actiu has freestanding protective panels for desks and tables.

De Vorm has a collection of workplace dividers.

De Vorm

OFS has several freestanding and mounted screen and divider options.

Artopex offers some distancing screens as well.

Social Distancing Reminders

Flooring manufacturer Ruutu offers creative flooring tiles with integrated distancing reminders.