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MKDA designed a boutique suite for a financial services firm in NYC, drawing inspiration from resimercial design to create a luxurious, professional space with cozy, welcoming elements.

MKDA designed an employee-centric workplace for a confidential financial services firm in NYC, focusing on openness, connectivity, and incorporating hospitality-inspired amenities like a central plaza and greenery to enhance collaboration and wellbeing.

M Moser Associates transformed a New York City office space into a modern, adaptable workplace promoting flexibility, collaboration, sustainability, and employee wellbeing.

In-between Architects designed a multi-functional office space in Hong Kong inspired by the client’s maritime background, blending luxury yacht living with a cozy, welcoming environment through nautical-inspired design elements.

Constructive Space designed a new home in London for a global venture capital firm in a grade listed building, focusing on creating a relaxing, collaborative workspace with unique identity and intelligent solutions.

The collaborative project in Gdynia by Workplace and Scott Brownrigg integrates sustainable design, technological advancements, and local culture to create an innovative and supportive office space for a global financial market leader.

ACTINCOMMON designed a sustainable, modular office across six floors in southern Germany using biophilic design elements, promoting employee well-being, creativity, collaboration, and the concept of New Work.

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