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Loop Interiors and Cirque Furniture worked together to design and outfit a confidential private equity…

The design for a confidential private equity client’s state-of-the-art 100,000 square foot vertical campus called for the space to be a comfortable, contemporary modern office environment.

Loop Interiors and Cirque Furniture worked together to design a confidential investment firm’s offices in…

The warm and contemporary design of a venture capital firm's offices is a space not only for work, but for relaxation, gathering and innovation in Singapore.

This hedge fund’s interior design was inspired by a client who knows real from fake, and carries a deep appreciation for authentic, beautifully detailed craftsmanship.

The hospitality-infused design for this confidential financial company's New York City office seeks to create a comfortable and welcoming environment for employees to deliver their best work.

Huntsman Architectural Group recently accomplished the office design of a confidential financial services firm located…

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