Gal & Matsliah

Architects: Vered Matsliah Ellenbogen and Kobi Gal, create architecture and a different human environment – green and more qualitative. We look for innovative architectural principles that are beyond “style” and are not dependent on it. We are meticulous in the use of pure and functional geometry. We aspire to reach in each project an architectually unique structure so that all its outer and inner components join to create an identity and a single statement – a structure with a “personality” and “vitality”. We aim to create a composition in which all its components are organic and integrated: geometry, materials, light and shadow, color, space, dynamics, motion and proportions. We refer to the placement of the project, the time, local memory, climate conditions while permanently bridging with the constraints of reality. We aim to leave an imprint to the future generation and to stimulate thought, breaking monotony and routine, along with spiritual upwardness and creating a new spirit in Architecture.

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
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