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Kronberg Urbanists + Architects is a multidisciplinary design studio that utilizes architecture, urban design, real estate development, and policy to make neighborhoods better. We started out as architects focused on designing great buildings, often working to breathe new life into overlooked existing structures through creative design. We quickly learned that a truly successful project for our clients required not just good building design, but a deep understanding of often misunderstood factors like zoning, site design, mobility, equity, and redevelopment finance. We’ve spent the last fifteen years becoming experts in these areas, crafting to a holistic approach to redevelopment and connecting with a wide range of partners whose skillsets we leverage to the benefit of our clients and our communities. Our focus has expanded beyond architecture to include urban design, real estate development, and policy design – both through practice and thought leadership. Our best value to our clients is when we can leverage multiple areas of our varied expertise in the same project.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia
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