We offer a range of interior design services – from strategic planning, including an analysis of space efficiency, space planning, conceptual design and budget analysis, through to development of construction documentation, custom furniture design and post-occupancy consulting. The interior design services we provide are tailored to each client’s individual needs and business profile. They include the selection as well as design of finishes for flooring, lighting, walls, ceilings, doors, graphics and other decorative elements. Our focus is not only on function and aesthetics, but on expressing a company’s unique corporate identity through design. Our goal is to create comfortable, productive and flexible work environments for our clients. In doing so, we set new trends in office design. Our benchmarks represent the latest in contemporary space planning and interior design standards for all office and support areas, such as cafeterias, collaboration areas, quiet zones, corporate showrooms and conference facilities.

Location: Kraków, Poland
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Wola Park Coworking Offices – Warsaw

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