Studio Nurit Leshem

The architectural philosophy of Nurit Leshem Design Studio draws from Leonardo da Vinci’s famous quote “Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication”. A simple, smart and clean design allows us to present to the client a variety of design options and integrate the client’s particular taste, preferences and functional needs into an inviting, beautiful and functional space.
We know that our clients will live or work for a long time in the space that we create for them. It has to be timeless, durable and functional, and not just fashionable for a brief time. It has to be comfortable, livable and enjoyable and not just give a “wow” effect. We believe that the desires and taste of the clients play an important part in the design process and that the final result must meet their needs and vision. We, therefore, maintain a continuing dialogue with the clients throughout the design process in order to ensure that they will love the result and enjoy it for many years to come.

Location: Israel
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Meitar Law Firm Offices – Ramat Gan

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