TOD is a multidisciplinary design studio founded by two National Institute of Design (NID) alumni in year 2014. We are a highly motivated and passionate team of Architects, Spatial Designers, Exhibition designer and communication designers. We draw on our collective experience and personality to make a recognised and valuable contribution to the development of the built environment.

Our aesthetic aim is to develop designs that enhance architectural form and space, creating a harmony, while constantly pushing the design boundaries. We closely work with client since the beginning of the design process, incorporating their expectations into design brief. We draw inspiration from culture, heritage, tradition and context of the project to arrive at a design direction infusing local art, craft and technology. We believe in designing multidimensional built environments which are sensitive to its users and enhance their experiences.

Our methodology is based on an inclusive and interactive workshop approach encouraging each team member to debate and participate in the design process. Our strength lies in strong conceptualising, intricate design detailing and customised execution. We strongly believe that most excellent solutions are the most simpler ones and common sense is a virtue.

Location: New Delhi, India
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