Trazo is a company who specializes in solving and approaching in every complex aspect of today working space, for those who face up global competition and need the highest operative efficiency available.

We initiate our path back in 1998, focusing our knowledge and experience mostly in commercial and corporate working space, but also developing housing and retail space, currently we are twelve members.

The method we use has been verified over and over again by the results obtained, the care we have in analyzing functional diagrams with our clients and giving an answer to their technical and operational requirements, achievements gained in formal and corporate identity which results in the improvement of productivity and crew overall satisfaction; giving back to our clients benefits for hiring our services which are efficiency by achieving the best results possible with the least resources. We measured such results by a factor we appreciate and care about: returning costumers.

Trazo has its mission defined: planning to our clients a space work that will allow them to do their particular necessities to reach the highest operative efficiency.

Location: Mexico City, Mexico
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Insurance Company Offices – Mexico City

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