Product LaunchSeptember 14, 2020

ANDlight releases the Pipeline Chandelier

By definition, the Pipeline Chandelier features a cylindrical arrangement of linear illuminated sections cinched by metal hoops. Its carousel like form proposes an unconventional lighting solution, one that radiates and spreads from its concentric structure.

The Pipeline Chandelier in a new take on the original Pipeline series. The series’ backbone is a singular linear pendant, available in two different lengths, which can then be suspended individually, sequentially or connected in a mix of sizes and connecting styles.

Utilizing the linear components of the original Pipeline series, the Chandelier introduces a new connector: a metal hoop conjoins all components together. Available in three diameters, the Pipeline Chandelier models include a single-tier, two-tier and three-tier option; suspends vertically or horizontally; thus offering a fixture that suits residential to larger scale commercial projects.

Brand: ANDlight
Designer: Caine Heintzman
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