Product LaunchAugust 12, 2020

Davis Furniture releases JP Lounge

Inspired by how people work today, JP Lounge by Jonathan Prestwich is comprised of open seating, screened units, benches and table options which all address the end user’s various needs within open office, lounge and workspaces. Focusing on the individual, each lounge piece features subdivided upholstery and tables which help provide a defined space for each user. The tailored appearance and surprising comfort of JP Lounge’s upholstery is a result of supportive webbing over multi-density foam concealed within each upholstered piece.

Seating units are available in a wide range of options including backed and backless benches in straight, 90-degree and 120-degree designs. Optional 50” high screens increase JP Lounge’s ability to add privacy and spatial division in open office settings. Configurations join together as they rest on an extruded aluminum base available in powder coated finishes. Connecting and freestanding tables including a laptop table are available to add functionality to the working lounge environment. Integrated tablets that both pivot and articulate can be specified and discreet fixed tablets with wireless charging capabilities are also available. Undermounted and surface power options round out the needs of the user within this comprehensive collection.

BrandDavis Furniture
Designed by: Jonathan Prestwich
Available: August 2020
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