Product LaunchJuly 28, 2020

Focal Point releases Warm Dim Technology and Expanded 3.5-inch Downlight Offering

Specifiers, contractors and designers have long recognized the high quality of Focal Point’s ID+ family of downlights, wall washers and adjustable accents. The versatile product range gives designers the tools they need to light a space. Now, the Chicago-based lighting manufacturer is announcing the expansion of that line with new features and capabilities being added to the popular 3.5-inch aperture luminaire. These include higher lumen outputs, up to a 15 percent increase in efficacy, new beam spreads, a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 97, and the sought-after warm dim technology.

New to Focal Point, warm dim brings the nurturing beauty of light to the forefront, allowing the light source’s gradual dimming from a warm white at higher brightness levels to a warmer, candlelight color at lower light levels, creating eye-pleasing illumination in any space. Warm Dim is specifically designed for human comfort, creating inviting retail, hospitality, commercial or residential interiors with visual warmth that mimics the glow of incandescent and halogen light sources.

Brand: Focal Point
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