Product LaunchAugust 9, 2020

Okamura releases Drape

Drape is a new, privacy and acoustic solution by Okamura. Drape creates quiet, private work pods that are perfect for touchdown work or making phone calls. Two different panel heights are available and constructed to absorb sound. They are covered with PET felt or fabric. Drape is designed to be compact with a small footprint but still provides maximum privacy by blocking the line of sight. Three configurations are available (from the typical box shape to a more unique hexagonal shape) as well as two different work-surface heights. The secret to creating configurations that are compact yet comfortable is by combining the 60° diagonal edge of the panels with the work surface. Accessories such as deskside power and ambient lighting can be added with discreet cable management. Let Drape quietly redesign your workspace.

Brand: Okamura
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