Product LaunchMay 19, 2020

Vibia releases Puck Wall Art by Jordi Vilardell

Puck Wall Art is comprised of different disks to create a warm, visually sharp and mathematically creative effect. Iconic multi-sized disk motifs, allowing the designer to play with varied combinations of indirect light. The resulting design comprises a set of highly dynamic, sculptural compositions. Displayed on their own or grouped together in customized installations, Puck forms a moody mural that pulses with a soft glow.

Puck Wall Art LED series consists of 4 disk modules in 15 ¾ and 17 3/4 inch diameter with single color disks and 17 ¾ and 23 ½ with superimposed solar eclipse like disks. This collection supports Multi-volt installation and 0-10V dimming. It is made with ABS body, steel ring and polycarbonate diffuser. Available in 3 subtle tones—Light Gray, Dark Gray, and Brown for flexible and sculptural composition.

Brand: Vibia
Designer: Jordi Vilardell
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