Product LaunchMay 18, 2020

Zero releases Haze pendant

Haze is new pendant lamp that is a modern interpretation of an oriental lantern with collars capping a  rounded form. The lamp features a bespoke 3D knit stretched cover that hugs tightly around the globe with wooden collars top and bottom to hide the ends of the fabric and keep it neat.

Named HAZE after the visual fading effect around the edge. This effect is created when illuminated light is incrementally masked by the knit when as it wraps around the rounded diffuser.

Haze has a soft approachable personality due to its friendly form and approachable materials with the knitted melange fabric and natural wood. Haze would sit as comfortably in the home or in the office and would work well on its own or in a group.

Brand: Zero
Designer: Samuel Wilkinson
Availability: Available now
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