Product LaunchMarch 29, 2021

BuzziSpace releases BuzziHug

BuzziHug is the newest work station and privacy booth by BuzziSpace distinguished by its semi-enclosed sculptural shape. Lightweight in nature, the design can be easily rearranged to accommodate the ever-change contemporary workplace.

Designed as a temporary stand-up desk as well as a privacy booth for one, BuzziHug aims to increase productivity at the same time to ensure visual and acoustic privacy at the workplace. This solution can be fixed to the floor or you can enjoy its adaptability, needed ubiquitously in today’s office environment.

The booth’s geometric shape appears structural to divide and to define open office spaces while simultaneously creates a visual statement and an aesthetic choice to boost employees motiviation. The half-enclosed cylinder is made using acoustic materials on the exterior to create a welcoming, safe, yet noise-reduced space for workplace concentration, phone calls, video conferences, and a lot more.

The design’s interior offers a built-in table in Antwerp Oak or White Laminate, which allows space for computer, notebook, tablet, and more, to further provide comfort and convenience. An optional LED light with two USB charging ports can be added on the inside to accommodate longer work sessions involving electronics.

BuzziHug can be custom-upholstered in a wide range of fabric and color choices to further extend its application possibilities. The design has the option to be bolted to the ground for permanent installation needs.

Brand: BuzziSpace
Designer: BuzziSpace Studio
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