Product LaunchApril 22, 2021


The SÖFWAL series takes a modular and multi-faceted approach to acoustical, personal, desk and room division. SÖFWAL is constructed with an extruded frame and a double layer of PET felt that creates a hollow air cavity for optimum sound absorption. SÖFWAL Technology allows the end-user to pick their perfect divider by configuring to different heights, as well as adding acrylic to maintain a personal barrier or sound-blocking technology for added sound control.

“Providing noise control, division and protection in work and educational spaces is increasingly important in the post pandemic landscape,” says Slavi Younger, Cofounder of Fräsch. “As everyone returns to work and school, SÖFWAL Technology allows for more versatile and protected personal division with high-performance sound-absorption, whether it’s in a traditional setting, for hot-desking or to create micro-spaces geared towards collaboration.”

Fräsch emphasizes sustainability in all of the products they manufacture and are LEED, REACH, Declare and Green Building certified as well as Red List Free and RoHS Compliant.

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