Product LaunchMarch 25, 2021

Kettal releases Pavilion O

Kettal presents Pavilion O, a modular structure to reinvents the workplace.
Many companies have adapted to the increasingly unpredictable market by creating agile organizational structures. To be agile, they also need office structures that can be easily reconfigured to suit ever-changing requirements. Pavilion O is the ideal structure solution for these new work environments.

The principal function of Pavilion O is to provide a flexible way of dividing offices into zones while offering enclosed workspaces. It consists of an aluminum structure that can be built out with a variety of materials: glass, wood and fabric, as well as practical fittings: shelving, TV unit, whiteboards and bulletin boards.

The Pavilion O also allows for the integration of electrical cables and functional accessories that can be tailored to your company’s specific needs.

The Pavilion O facilitates the creation of countless office and workspace layouts that can be rapidly adapted to accommodate changes to your headcount or department functions. Thanks to its modular nature, the Pavilion O system gives you the power to respond quickly to the constantly changing modern world of work.

Click & Work, Kettal unique clipping system means you can transform your spaces to create your own mood ecosystems. Wall to wall or corner to corner, the scope for creating adaptable office spaces is limitless. Configurations can be altered in a few hours to provide new spaces. A quick and easy installation demountable structure.

Brand: Kettal
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