Product LaunchApril 21, 2021

Kettal releases Phone Booths

The Phone Booth design is based on that of the traditional telephone booth. In many large open offices where privacy is hard to come by, this represents an ideal solution for making important calls or holding video conferences.

The goal is to be able to communicate without being overheard or disturbing your colleagues, in a comfortable, echo-free workspace. Quick and easy to install.

The structure is made of aluminium and panelled with acoustic materials that guarantee good sound and reduce reverberation. All panels are covered with fabric or wood, it has a swing door with laminated acoustic glass and is characterized by the fact that it has no step to hinder accessibility. There are two levels of acoustics: Comfort (with 4+4 glass door) 35 dB and Plus (with 6+6 glass door) 39 dB.

Phone Booths can be single, 2 or 4 seater. The single booth has an integrated work table and a stand with integrated lighting, specially designed to hold a smartphone or tablet during videoconferences. The other versions for more people include a sofa with a meeting table or a high work table to be used with stools.

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