Product LaunchAugust 2, 2021

Mikomax releases HushHybrid acoustic workpod

HushHybrid acoustic workpod has been developed to the specifics of hybrid working in the ‘new normal’. It enhances the experience of online meetings and connects employees working on-site and remotely.

HushHybrid office pod serves as a multi-purpose private space for focused individual work, longer video conferences, as well as online trainings and webinars. This acoustic booth has a comfortable soft seat supporting an upright body position and the VESA bracket to hang up all-in-one computer or monitor. Additional side LED strips provide favorable facial illumination during video conversations. The desktop depth is also adjustable to individual’s needs. HushHybrid office booth can be ordered with additional privacy stickers on the glass.

The combination of these features creates a versatile workspace, which, in addition to a great design, enables you to work in peace and quiet.

Brand: Mikomax Smart Office
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