Product LaunchFebruary 9, 2021

Spacestor launches Endless Possibilities with Palisades II

Born out of a need to zone open space flexibly and aesthetically, Palisades II was designed to allow subtle and elegant division of space in a unique and visually expressive way, while still allowing the flow of natural light.

Recent events have highlighted just how flexible our workplaces need to be. We’re now launching a whole new dimension to our highly popular Palisades II zoning range – the most flexible office architecture system where your imagination is the limit.

With many staff now used to working from home, we’ve detected a need for the workspace to imitate this relaxed, less corporate feeling and to this end we’re introducing a range of softer, more organic forms including arches, curves and curtains as well as a beautiful palette of framework colours catering to individuality.

Palisades II is hugely flexible and can be customized to your suit any interior with biophilia, additional storage, in-built seating nooks, acoustic panels, TV alcoves and many more accessories. The system can grow to any size, creating endless new architectures.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss custom project requirements, and to brainstorm ways of achieving your desired design aesthetic.  Get in touch with us for more ideas and inspiration!

Brand: Spacestor
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