Product LaunchNovember 15, 2022

Vibia releases Plusminus

Plusminus is a lighting system that provides architects and lighting designers the opportunity of customizing light to illuminate all kinds of interior spaces.

Vibia, together with Stefan Diez has come up with a bespoke collection that features a fabric belt and various light fittings to lend individual sensibility through contemporary technology.

A specially developed fabric belt provides the support and the electrical conductivity; the lights are attached in an intuitive way using a clip-and-connect system. Plusminus eliminates the differences between pendant, sconce and floor lights, because the various elements of the collection can be adjusted, attached or removed as required.

The separate elements of the lighting system are articulated in such a way that elevates the functional to become a feature in the space, becoming part of the architecture. There are six different sources that give the lighting its specific characteristics when attached to the fabric belt: sphere, semisphere, cone, spotlight, linear diffuser and linear low UGR. A series of anchors and fixings maintain the desired configuration of the belt with the attached lights which in themselves are an attractive addition to the overall installation.Remove featured image

The common thread of the Plusminus collection can be easily adapted to create all sorts of lighting installations. The belt is available in four color finishes within the Vibia color palette.

When loose, the belt traces elegant compositions within the desired space. Tension in the belt creates and acquires an architectural presence that can function as a space divider or artistic installation in vertical configurations. Used horizontally, the system suggests a suspended ceiling with light sources delimiting the height. Add a wire cable attachment, any number of configurations become possible.

Plusminus is a toolkit for lighting solutions, equally suitable for creating intimate lighting in the home or elaborate light sculptures in public buildings.

Brand: Vibia
Designer: Diez office
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