Product LaunchJuly 24, 2023

Arcadia releases Laris Lounge

Laris, the latest introduction by Arcadia, captures the essence of a lounge chair with traditional design elements, but with a distinctly modern flair. Drawing inspiration from mid-century modern forms, it features a statement-making exposed wood frame and thoughtful details woven throughout the collection.

At once slender and generous in size, this balanced design enables Laris to provide ample comfort while maintaining a light, airy aesthetic. The liberally proportioned cushions also feature suspension support along with tailored stitching details for a refined touch.

Beautifully crafted, Laris embodies what a comfy lounge chair should be. Generous arm rests, softly radiused edges and lush cushions are among its defining characteristics for a settle-in-and-stay-awhile experience.

Brand: Arcadia
Designed by: David Dahl
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