Product LaunchOctober 17, 2023

COR releases Nook Sofa

The low-set, high-backed Nook sofa has a compact design that nevertheless has an air of lightness about it. Its form is unique because it adds a nest of comfort to a room rather than dividing up the space. The outside of the sofa boasts clear lines that complement the architecture, and the inside is soft and feminine. Like a 1950s vase, the lines are elegantly upwardly tapered, creating a delicate sculpture-like look.

Piping separating the interior and exterior of the sofa, makes playful and creative design variants possible. The narrow joints are not intended to be modular elements. They perform a design function by making the sofa’s large format evident. They are the stringent detail that give the organically shaped body its distinctive appearance. “Nook is different from the Jalis range that we designed because, with Jalis, the individual cushions define the look. Nook is perceived as a whole,” said Jehs+Laub. “This large-format sofa gets its lightness from the elimination of mass,” they continued.

Brand: COR
Designed by: Jehs+Laub
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