Product LaunchMarch 18, 2024

Clear Design releases the Compano Collection

Clear Design announced the addition of the highly anticipated Campano Collection to its resimercial Willow Park brand. Featuring one-of-a-kind, solid wood conference and collaboration tables, accent tables, and stool tables, the line is brimming with an array of organic shapes and textures that excite the eye.

The luxurious Campano Collection highlights the wood’s natural characteristics through a minimal finishing process to protect and preserve its storytelling beauty and create inviting workspaces for teams and guests.

When ordering conference and collaboration tables, the company will share a link to available inventory so users can select the specific surfaces with shapes and details that work best for their spaces. Conference surfaces are available in lengths from 60 to 144 inches, and unique accent tables and stool tables round out the stunning collection.

Brand: Clear Design
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