Product LaunchMarch 21, 2024

Spacestor releases Portals Huddle

Spacestor, creators of architectural, space-defining furniture launch a new private collaborative pod for the workplace. Portals Huddle allows the workplace designer to curate softer, private collaboration spaces, entirely suited, and customized to the look and feel of their clients aims and space.

Portals Huddle is a space-efficient collaboration hotspot for small meetings of two to four people and provides a secluded and private space away from the buzz of the office. Plug-and-play, with PIR activated spotlights, ventilation and a glass door for privacy, Portals Huddle is available in a huge range of exterior and interior finishes with step-free access for greater accessibility.

This new booth from Spacestor is also designed to be future-proof, a solution for the ever-changing landscape of real estate strategy, allowing for floor-plate reconfiguration and even office relocation. With this consideration for flexibility comes greater sustainability and reduction in material waste, as Portals Huddle not only avoids the need to build permanent meeting room walls, but also has a longevity crucial in a workplace scene where adaptability is key.

More than ever, the current workplace thrives on collaboration, face-to-face meetings, brand engagement and culture-building. Great things happen when people come together, but the workplace experience needs to support the range of activities in the office, whilst creating an equitable experience for those collaborating from home.

The hybrid worker needs to be empowered to make their own choices about where to work based on the task in hand. As part of the wider Portals Family, Portals Huddle seamlessly sits alongside an open-fronted solo working space, Portals Open or the private working pod, Portals Quiet affording users the choice of a variety of work settings that are designed to fit seamlessly together.

Brand: Spacestor
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