from BuzziSpace

BuzziDesk - Desk divider screen with metal profile Not only does the BuzziDesk safeguard your privacy at work; it keeps out your colleagues’ irritating telephone or computer sounds as well. This workspace divider also hides your cable clutter and computer screen in an orderly fashion. It is easy to install in any office, and with its tactile appearance and colorful tint it will make every working day feel like a party! Learn More: BuzziDesk Split - Desk divider screen for more privacy Are you sitting at one big table next to different colleagues? With the BuzziDesk Split you can gain more privacy by creating a personal and quiet workspace. Just slide the sound absorbing BuzziDesk Split over the table and say goodbye to irritating sounds or elbow fights! Learn More: BuzziDesk FlipFlop - Free standing desk divider screen These movable and foldable acoustic screens have been designed in order to instantly define a quieter and more personal space on any desktop. They can be conveniently stored against a wall in a flat manner since their side flaps are fully movable. They can be used in a more or less closed manner depending on how protected one wants to be, but can also be set in a zig-zag manner on a table top. They were originally designed to be used on the multifunctional BuzziPicNic table (with two small extra slides that fit perfectly in its central opening), but they can be used on any table top to define a specific area when needed.
Designed by Alain Gilles, BuzziSpace Studio