Chapelle Sofa

from Bernhardt Design

“The Chapelle privacy lounge brings flowing lines and striking silhouettes to a category of product that is typically more utilitarian. The design features an exterior privacy cocoon, which integrates the back cushions into the elegant S-shaped profile of the walls. An elliptical seat floats on contoured cast aluminum legs and nestles into the enclosure to create a cohesive form.

Chapelle is a practical solution for providing privacy in public areas but is equally effective as beautiful sculptural elements in an open landscape. The collection includes six variations of sofas that create diverse levels of privacy and distinctive shapes. Polished aluminum or black legs may be specified. The appearance of the piece can change dramatically by selecting contrasting fabrics for the walls, seat and welt cord. It is available in any fabric or leather from Bernhardt Textiles or the customer’s own material.”

Designed by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance

Chapelle Sofa by Bernhardt Design