Dyna2 HAT System

from NOVAH

Switching between sitting and standing is also a mode between independent and collaborative The convenience and mobility of the office is brought to life. Iterative design for changing work forms with Dyna2 HAT System. The gesture changes constantly, the inspiration never stops. Dyna2 HAT System is perfect for health and ABW(Activity Based Working).People are invited to stand up, and be physically active in the workplace. Employees can flexibly switch between sitting and standing positions according to personal height and actual use needs, which is better for their health and spirit. Dyna2 HAT System can be flexibly combined with a variety of products such as writing whiteboards and privacy screens to meet the needs of different office spaces. Dyna2's motor is placed inside the table foot, original design reduces noise. And Dyna2 has high degree of response synchronization. Adopting hidden line design to reduce office interference and double work efficiency.