Lilypad Lounge

from Bernhardt Design

Lilypad represents exactly what its name suggests. The floating leaf of the water lily is culminated by a blooming lotus flower. The Egyptian sky god Horus was often depicted in ancient art sitting on the Egyptian Blue Water Lily. This image inspired the unique combination of an oval table, with a beautiful chair which appears to be a blossom rising above the table.

Lilypad is 60”W x 33”D and features a lounge chair that incorporates a self-returning swivel mechanism, which rests on a solid American walnut platform. The platform also incorporates a circular insert, which is available in three Silestone colors in subtle suede finishes. The walnut platform can be selected in a number of walnut finish colors and the chair may be specified in Bernhardt Textiles leather and fabrics, or the customer’s own material.

Designed by Terry Crews

Lilypad Lounge by Bernhardt Design