from Teknion

Designed for a workplace of renewed purpose and productivity, Teknion Ledger Plus Lockers offer practical solutions for essential functions – store personal items and work tools, create boundaries between work areas and define spaces to collaborate or relax. Ledger Plus Lockers are ideal for offices that balance focused and collaborative work with cultures that balance work and play. As storage, space division or a focal point, Ledger Plus Lockers contribute to settings that inspire and support optimal performance. Readily adapting to varied applications, Ledger Plus Lockers can be embedded in a run of workstations, as well as employed to provide space division and accessible storage from the work area. Suited to any spatial context, Teknion Ledger Plus Lockers are available in a range of sizes and configurations that fit together to create virtually any application. Lockers can also be customized, both inside and out, adapting to present and future needs. A clean, refined aesthetic suits contemporary office cultures.