Solar Hanging Screen

from Friends of Wilson

Architectural. Timeless. Natural. Solar hanging screens help create a welcoming environment in all kinds of workplace interiors including receptions, board and meeting rooms and open plan spaces. Solar is built on a flexible modular system with fixed or sliding panels. Panels can be layered on the multi-channel sliding track to easily and quickly close off and open up areas. Each panel is made from durable natural wool fibres that are easy to keep clean and long-lasting. Plus they can be easily swapped out thanks to the easy-to-use Velcro fixing. Choose from eighteen warm, vibrant and muted shades and three standard panel sizes. Or request alternative colours and panel sizes as a special order. Choose from three hanging tracks: Sliding: alter the experience with 2 to 5 channels for layered screen installations. Suspended: fixed to vertical posts for static screen installations; avoiding lights, A/C, etc. Ceiling: fixed directly to ceilings for static screen installations.