Wall Relief Landing

from Wilkhahn

In the case of the Landing wall option, the name says it all. It manages to create a welcoming atmosphere for “stopovers” in aisles, cross-over spaces and stairwells where space is lacking for groups of seating and side tables. Landing consists of two basic sound-absorbent modules: a flat one 60 x 60 cm in size with an element upholstered with 10-mm-thick foam and covered in fabric and an equally large three-dimensional moulded relief element that can be used in three ways depending on the way it’s fitted: as a shelf (with an additional powder-coated steel surface), rotated vertically by 90° as an upright method of creating a zone, providing a screen or a cosy corner for leaning on and turned 180° horizontally to perch on. The modules are placed in assembly frames and can be used in any number of combinations. They improve acoustics, create little corners for chats or phone calls, offer spaces to leave drinks or smartphones and take the strain off people’s feet. The covers come in seven standard colours to tap into more design options and allow Landing to be used as colour-coded signage systems.
Designed by Rudolph Schelling Webermann