Google Pittsburgh

The only thing better than a shiny new office in a shiny new building is a shiny new office in an old building with a great history. Google‘s new office in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is a great example of this. The space proves that you can get all of the style and conveniences of a modern locale in a building that not only looks awesome but also has a story to tell.

The space was designed by Strada, a Pittsburgh-based architecture and design firm. Needless to say, they did an amazing job. Not only is it very well put-together and pretty, it is also very creative. They managed to do something useful with a silo, and even more importantly, they have a giant hammock. They must have an awful lot of faith in their employees at Google Pittsburgh. Cos I can safely say I would be sleeping in that hammock pretty much all day.

IMAGE CREDIT: Images courtesy of David Aschkenas, via Home-Designing.

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