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The Whitehouse Post – Chicago

Bruce Bolander Architecture has completed an great project for The Whitehouse Post, a film-editing company, with offices in NYC, London, Los Angeles, Amsterdam – and today’s featured space in Chicago. We covered their NYC space here.

A first noticeable feature is the bright light present throughout the space – which had actually been blocked out and dampened by wood panelling from a previous occupant. To improve the transmittal of light within the space, white epoxy flooring was applied and light-colored wood walls were added throughout.

Also of note throughout the space are bright accent walls and features that add bring additional life and color to a space composed mostly of white walls and various brickwork.

Lastly – this space has a ton of great furniture. I’m especially in love with those massive dark couches.

DesignBruce Bolander Architecture
Photography: Mike Schwartz and Jen Shelley