the Whitehouse Post – NYC Offices

The Whitehouse Post is a film editing company that was started in London in 1990 and has expanded to four locations since. They have edited Oscar winning movies, award winning commercials, Emmy winning TV shows, documentaries and music videos. If you’ve seen Children of Men, Proof of Life, Friday Night Lights, or Y Tu Mama Tambien, then you’ve seen their work.

Today’s post is a very comprehensive look at their NYC offices. As you can see the space’s main flooring element is a bright green color, which works much better than I would have first imagined. The office is detailed with some wood lattice features throughout, which although make great pedestals for toys, would be a pain to dust. The space is also filled with light because of its high positioning and many windows. Each workstation is located in a large room, and is quite alone, something we rarely see here. Lastly, the common areas are quite nice, and contain relaxing seating and a few games.

Design: Bruce Bolander Architects