Facebook HQ

  • Client Facebook,
  • Location Palo Alto, California, United States,
  • Industry Technology,
  • Let’s get this week started off right…yeah that’s right, Facebook‘s offices. Though I have a little bad news mixed with the good, that being that they have 3 offices in Palo Alto, CA, but I have no clue which images are taken from which office. So go ahead and enjoy the snapshots below, and just know that it took a lot of searching to find enough cc licensed images to constitute even writing a post.

    Facebook also has some awesome wall art created by David Choe, go here to check it out.

    IMAGE CREDIT: Images 2 and 4 taken by eston. Image 1 taken by dokas. Image 3 and 10 taken by Scott Beale | Laughing Squid. Image 5 by cavemonkey50. Image 6 by zachklein. Image 7 by fcb. Image 8 by 99zeros. Image 9 by martinvars. Image 11 by davemorin.