Yelp HQ

  • Client Yelp,
  • Location California, San Francisco, United States,
  • Industry Technology,
  • Remember when you used to go to bars and restaurants just out of curiosity, and not know whether it was going to be any good? Thanks to our buddy Yelp, we don’t do that anymore. And if we do, we have only ourselves to blame, because doggone it, Yelp tried to warn us.

    Yelp has been providing people like you and me the ability to learn about businesses of all types (and tell others, too) for almost 3 years now. Today, we get to see where they do it from. Don’t be fooled by Santa; they aren’t at the North Pole, they’re in San Francisco. And they have a dog! Who wouldn’t trade several co-workers for a puppy that cute.

    IMAGE CREDIT: First three images snapped by evadedave. Images 4 and 5 by richtamayo.6, 7, and 8 taken by dannyman. the last one by yelpdotcom.