MySpace Office

  • Client MySpace,
  • Location Hollywood, California, United States,
  • Industry Technology,
  • You know what MySpace is. To many, it’s the reason for living, and to millions of others, it’s a blight on the Internet. We’ll reserve judgment, but we will say that these offices aren’t too shabby. Although the unfortunate souls who got stuck in a cubicle might disagree.

    You might have seen these pictures of MySpace’s Beverly Hills offices before (they were featured on Robert Scoble’s blog a couple of months ago). Or maybe you haven’t. Because you, loyal reader, do not go to Scobleizer to see pictures of your favorite offices. While Mr. Scoble may know a thing or two about ‘puters, we know almost as many (0-1) things about offices.

    IMAGE CREDIT: Images courtesy of Robert Scoble.