Microsoft Startup Labs

Microsoft is a company that we have briefly featured before, but today’s post gives a much better look at a specific wing of the Microsoft corporation; Microsoft Startup Labs.

Before writing this post, I hadn’t heard of it, but am now intrigued. The MSL team is currently working on several projects like Meshlists, Collaborative Crossword, Corkboard, and CrowdVote. As you can tell, the theme of their projects all revolve around social productivity. The group is staffed by industry veterans and fresh startup minds ready to tackle their challenges.

Their offices are pretty great given the normal perception of what working at Microsoft might be like. This space has a lot of natural light, employee desk space, and a great bi-level layout. I personally like the circular, windowed meeting room for no other reason than that it reminds me of Rip Torn’s office in Men in Black. The smooth lines of the space are very appealing as well. Microsoft Startup Labs is located in Cambridge, MA just outside of Boston and is just one of the teams located at Microsoft’s New England Research and Development Center.

Design: SkB Architects
Photographer: Magda Biernat, Richard Mandelkorn, Carl Tremblay