Mono’s Breathtaking Office

  • Client Mono,
  • Location Minneapolis, Minnesota,
  • Industry Advertising / Marketing,
  • In a world in which most people hate their jobs and hate going to work, a well designed workplace and its atmosphere can really change things. Mono, a Minneapolis-based advertising agency gives us an example of an office that puts employees first, which in-turn makes them work more efficiently and effectively for their clients. Some of which include Herman Miller, Apple, USA Networks, NBA tv, and General Mills.

    What really makes this office spectacular is that it is really an advertisement for Mono. When clients stop by, they are undoubtedly drawn into the energy that the design gives. Not only is the place eye-catching, but it is well thought out. The space isn’t just a collection of cool stuff to appease employees and to trick them into working. Instead it is a place where employees can come and thrive in what they do.

    Designer Charlie Lazor of Flatpak house and Lazor Office collaborated with agency co-founder Chris Lange to transform the vacant space into its current state. The features of the office are quite impressive from their Herman Miller Embody seating, to the large collaboration areas throughout the office. Ping-pong, work pods, a good-sized design library, and a fantastic kitchen are all wonderful additions. Enjoy!