Twitter’s Latest Office Move (Version 3)

  • Client Twitter,
  • Year 2009
  • Location California, San Francisco, United States,
  • Industry Technology,
  • It’s a new season, and you know what that means, Twitter migrated to new offices. We’ve seen their space a number of times (version 1, version 1 video, version 2), and the company has just kept exploding in size. So naturally, they would need to step up their offices space to meet whatever needs they come upon.

    This new space is extremely roomy and open compared to their last couple offices. And by roomy, I mean very roomy, with the different areas being a good 30 feet apart. I’d assume that each one is assigned to a different task, so that spacing could definitely minimize the sounds coming from other work areas. Unless of course, they have one of those loud laughers that keeps getting knee-slappers retweeted to him.

    The wall colors and decoration are fun, the carpet is what I imagine carpet looks like when we are all wearing foil for clothes, and the windows are great. Surely, lots of natural light too! The kitchen area looks well stocked, and the common area is so large, all of Oprah’s followers could have a tweetup and have some seats left over. All that said, the space is very plain, which I know for a fact will be the downside people talk about. However, that could easily be because the space is so new, it doesn’t have any of those ‘been worked in’ touches to it yet. As you can tell in a few photos, it looks like it is still being worked on.