OKIA / Tank Offices

  • Client OKIA, Tank,
  • Location Tallinn, Estonia,
  • Industry Advertising / Marketing, Design,
  • We get to see a lot of great offices on this site, and again that is definitely the case with OKIA/Tank’s collective offices located in Tallinn, Estonia. OKIA is a web agency and Tank is Estonia’s leading advertising company, which together seem like an ideal fit for sharing office space.

    There are just too many things to like in this office. Instead of just being plain, modern, and open, this space really has some warm elements that add a lot of character to it. The wood that is speckled throughout mixes very well with the greens. And of course they have a fish pond. Jose thinks it’s where employees keep their lunches, but in any case, there aren’t really any better ways to upstage a fishtank than that. Bunnies, picket fences, ultra-awesome bathrooms, and sauna-looking office pods. How can you not be inspired by at least one thing?